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October 12, 2010

Phoenix’s First Showing

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On October 10, 2010, we went to Dalarna to have Phoenix chip-marked, DNA tested, and shown to for registration in the Friesian studbook (foal book). As Phoenix’s father Darco is registered in the German studbook (FPZV), Phoenix also had to be shown and registered in the same association.

The four hours on the road north were a fairly long drive in the back of a trailer for such a youngster who has never left the farm in his 3 1/2 months of life. But when we offloaded the other end, all though he walked out eagerly, he was calm and in good spirits with no signs of sweating or stress. His mother Arwen who had been snuggly standing by his side the whole way was also the calmest she has ever been after riding in a trailer. It just shows, how much of the stress that many horses connect with trailers must not only be due to being isolated in that box, with smelly fumes and the roaring sound of trucks around them, but also in so many cases, having to endure that all alone, without their herd for support and protection.

Anyway, the horses were left in the guest stables over night to settle down and familiarise themselves with the scents and sounds in this new place, while we went and spent the night just nearby in a large yellow house that used to function as the village school back in the day.

On the morning of the judging Phoenix grew more and more restless from the long wait for the judges to arrive and the event to begin in the afternoon. So far in his life he had never been locked up in a box for more than half an hour, with acres of undulating pastures to play and burn his excess energy in. So, when the time came to finally enter the arena and meet the judges he was so over excited that he did not stand still for one single second…
With Phoenix jumping about like a little wild thing, the judges attempted to make accurate evaluations about him, his posture, build and physique – something I truly have no idea how they managed to get any sense out of, but I guess they are fairly used it. The next unexpected turn of events was that I, “the owner of the mare” was called in to the center of the arena to be informed that in order for Phoenix to be registered, Arwen also had to be shown for registration in the German studbook, as she was now registered in the FPS (Dutch studbook). This was shocking news to me as I had previously been informed that it was OK, and Arwen was far from being in any condition to be shown after her long pregnancy, giving birth and now being drained of so much energy through her milk. But as there was no choice in the matter Arwen had to – with her large, round, hanging belly and tired, heavy steps – pose, walk, trot and canter before the judges too.

However, bearing all this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised when the judges announces that Arwen had received a 2nd premium and “Preliminary Star Mare”. This, in practice, means that she had high enough points to become a Star mare, if she also can prove usability through a riding och driving test. So, she has up to two years to learn a fairly simple but very specific dressage routine, and if she passes that she will receive the, for breeding mares very sought after, award of “Ster” or “Star Mare”. Apart from that the judges told me that she can be shown for points again on the next occasion when she is in shape again, so nothings was lost by showing her now.

When it came to Phoenix I was a bit disappointed, but after his performance not too surprised, when he also received the blue ribbon for 2nd premium. It is not a bad award, but the thing that bugged me was that he was only a few points away, on a scale of several hundred, from being a first premium. I feel certain his very disobedient and unrepresentative behaviour was what robbed him of those last points, even if I was told that such things shouldn’t really influence the judges.

But still, to summarise I must say that overall I am very proud of both our beautiful Arwen and little Phoenix who both did their best in a rather stressful and for both of them entirely new situation!

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