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June 20, 2010

Birth of a New Life

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In the early hours of the morning, on June 16 2010, our mare Arwen gave birth to her long awaited foal, a healthy little stallion whom we named Phoenix.

The first person to look out the window in the morning was Roland, noting that Arwen was still solo. Less than half an hour later he looked out again, but this time she had company…

I was woken by a phone call delivering the good news, so skipping breakfast I quickly jumped in the car with Juha and rushed over to Bäcketorp where Arwen had been grazing to be in close view of the house. We were greeted by the sight of Marie out in the field, still in her purple striped morning robe, with Arwen on a halter and a very small, skinny little wobbly legged thing by her side. Joy!

But as soon as the halter rope was removed Arwen began to behave in a way that is very unlike her… If anybody came too close to her, person or horse, her body language showed clear warning signals to keep away, while cutting in between the intruder and her foal. This went on for several days, so the best thing to do seemed to be to respect her wishes, give her space and let her be alone in the field with her new baby, as long as everything was going well for them, which luckily it was.

We moved the other horses to an adjoining pasture so that Arwen could still see them without becoming stressed out and defensive by their presence. And in the days following we had the priviliege to, at first from a respectful distance, watch Arwen teach her foal the basic elements of a horse’s life.. (See our video below, captured during these first three days!)

Enjoy :)

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