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Ramshyttan Horse Farm

Ramshyttan Horse Farm is situated in the beautiful natural surroundings of Sweden's Kilsberg hills, about midway between Stockholm and Gothenburg – a semi-wilderness area of lakes, forest and prolific wildlife.

We offer trail rides on friesian and islandic horses, accommodation, and access to a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Besides riding through magnificent Nordic landscape, visitors to Ramshyttan can enjoy hiking, swimming, canoeing, fishing, bird watching, mushroom & berry picking, and in winter, cross-country skiing through pristine forest terrain.

Our Philosophy: we follow the principles of Natural and Holistic Horsemanship. For us these concepts have a broader meaning than the associated handling and training techniques, it means giving our horses a way of life that is as close as possible to an outdoor, natural state, whilst still having the comforts and benefits made available to them by humans. Our horses live together as a herd with open access to bedded shelter whenever they please.They can feed around the clock at their own pace with free access to grass or hay which creates a healthy metabolism and balanced approach to food.

We have also chosen to keep our horses barefoot, allowing the hoof and leg circulation to remain unhindered thus promoting stronger, harder hooves and sure-footedness. For us keeping horses this way is not only a philosophy, it is a practical way of ensuring that our horses remain as happy, stress-free, well stimulated and harmonious as possible.

Our offers: 


VAT included

1 hour ride, 1-4 persons (with guiding)

400 kr / person

1.5 hour ride, 1-4 persons (with guiding)

550 kr / person

2 hour ride, 1-4 persons (with guiding)

700 kr / person

Accomodation in our loft (per night, inc sheets + towels)

300 kr / person 

All day riding tour, 1-4 persons (with guiding)

1000 kr / person

Riding camp (riding + accomodation)

Contact us!

For bookings or questions, please contact:

Marie Elfverson +46 (0)72-20 09 187

marie.elfverson (at) gmail (dot) com

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Ramshyttans Hästgård

Ramshyttan 225, 713 91 Nora, Sweden


Marie has had horses for nearly thirty years and among much else she is responsible for the trail rides.

As she has practiced orienteering much of her life, she knows the surrounding forests of Ramshyttan like the back of her hand.


Roland is in charge of the farm in general and is more than happy to take care of all things that give him an excuse to drive his tractor - and fortunately there are many.

Otherwise, he is very active in the Swedish Nature Protection society.


Metal Guitarist and full-time   musician who works with the horses in between tours ... Indispensable in the winter when the horses need fresh water daily, grooming or extra feeding, when wood needs cutting or innumberable other tasks on the farm.